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Tournament Results View all historical tournament results data and download detailed results brackets when available.
Ted Peterson Island Trees 2016
1st James Araneo  ·  Robert Flaherty  ·  Mark Kmiotek  ·  Mason Rappold  ·  Zach Rothenberg
2nd Chris Prussen  ·  Ansel Then
3rd Alex Carter  ·  Matthew Cracchiola  ·  Tyler Kelly
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to all our wrestlers who competed in last weekends Ted Peterson Island Trees Tournament. Well done!

ISlip tournament 2016
1st jake Butkevich  ·  Mark Kmiotek  ·  Tristan Nardi  ·  Chase Philips  ·  Chris Prussen  ·  Mason Rappold  ·  Zach Rothenberg
2nd Jacob Freudenberg  ·  Christian Lievano  ·  Mason Mangialino
3rd Christian Lievano

2016 East Islip Youth Tournament
1st Jacob Freudenberg  ·  Mark Kmiotek  ·  Chase Philips
2nd Tyler Kelly  ·  Mason Mangialino  ·  Zach Rothenberg
3rd Ryan Fitzsimmons  ·  Chris Prussen
Tournament Roundup
Great job by all of our wrestlers that competed in the East Islip Youth Tournament.

Lindenhurst Youth Tournament 2016
1st Mason Rappold
3rd Mason Hauser
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to both Mason's who competed in the Lindenhurst Youth Tournament.

2015 Ice breaker tournament
1st Mason Rappold
2nd Mason Mangialino
3rd Jacob Freudenberg  ·  Tristan Nardi
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to all our boys that wrestled in the Ice Breaker Tournament this past weekend. Mason Rappold started off the season with three victories and a first place finish. Mason Mangialino finished the day in Second place and Jacob Freudenberg and Tristan Nardi both went 2-1 on the day and came in third place.

Suffolk County Regional Youth State Qualifier
1st Mason Hauser  ·  Mason Rappold
3rd Mason Mangialino  ·  Joe Schultz
5th Thomas Fitzsimmons  ·  Tyler Kelly
Tournament Roundup
Great job by all our wrestlers who competed in the Suffolk County Regional State Qualifier. Good luck to all those who qualified for the State championships.

New York State Youth Championships
2nd Mason Hauser
4th Mason Rappold  ·  Joe Schultz
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to all our wrestlers that competed in the New York State Youth Championships.

Sachem Youth Tournament
1st Nicholas Carillo  ·  Mason Hauser  ·  Mason Rappold  ·  Joe Schultz
2nd Sam Berger  ·  Tyler Kelly
Tournament Roundup
Good job by all those who competed at the Sachem Youth Tournament.

Bethpage Youth Tournament
1st Jacob Freudenberg  ·  Mason Hauser  ·  Matt Pernicone  ·  Joe Schultz
2nd Nicholas Carillo  ·  Tyler Kelly  ·  Mason Rappold
3rd Sam Berger  ·  Robert Flaherty
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to all our wrestlers who competed in the Bethpage Youth Tournament. A job well done! Good luck this coming weekend at the Sachem East Youth Tournament.

Ice Breaker
2nd Anthny D'Lea  ·  Mason Mangialino  ·  Matt Pernicone
3rd Justin Crawford  ·  Matt Jung  ·  Richard Munoz
4th Rick D'Lea  ·  Tyler Kelly  ·  Christopher Lotten  ·  Anthny Meli  ·  Ryan O'Malley  ·  Mason Rappold
5th Ryan Caravello

Battle in the Corral High School Division
3rd Jake Horton
Tournament Roundup
Congratulations to Jake Horton on his 3rd place finish at the Battle in the Corral. His weight class featured some of the toughest competition in the tournament. Well done Jake!

Battle in the Corral Youth Division
1st Matthew Campo  ·  Joe Schultz
2nd Mark Matyka
4th James Araneo  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Justin Crawford  ·  Dutch Schultz
Tournament Roundup
Congratulations to everyone who participated at the Battle in the Corral this past weekend. We had 7 place finishers and our wrestlers competed very well.

2013 New York State Youth Championships - Bantam Division
3rd Mason Rappold

2013 New York State Youth Championships - Schoolboy Division
2nd Mark Matyka  ·  Eddie Munoz

2013 New York State Youth Championships - Intermediate Division
2nd James Araneo
6th Matthew Cracchiola

2013 Suffolk County Youth Championships - Bantam Division
1st Mason Rappold

2013 Suffolk County Youth Championships - Intermediate Division
3rd Matthew Cracchiola
4th James Araneo
5th Troy Fiume

2013 Suffolk County Youth Championships - Schoolboy Division
1st Eddie Munoz  ·  Dutch Schultz
2nd Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Justin Crawford
4th Mark Matyka

Lions Pre-Season Challenge at Monsignor Farrell HS, Staten Island
1st Christian Araneo
2nd Donny Donnelly
3rd John Donahue
4th Evan Mayer

Battle in the Coral
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Dan Henry
2nd James Araneo  ·  Peter Celebucki  ·  Justin Crawford
3rd John Arceri  ·  Shane DeVincenzo  ·  Steven Lee
4th Eddie Matyka

2012 NYS Youth Championships - Bantan
5th Troy Fiume

2012 NYS Youth Championships - Novice
2nd Mark Matyka

2012 Youth Suffolk County Championships - Bantam Division
2nd Troy Fiume

2012 Youth Suffolk County Championships - Novice Division
3rd Justin Crawford
4th Mark Matyka

2012 Youth Suffolk County Championships - Intermediate Division
4th James Araneo
5th Andrew Araneo

2012 Youth Suffolk County Championships - Schoolboy Division
5th Kenny Cracchiola

Wantagh Youth Tournament
1st Justin Crawford  ·  Mark Matyka
2nd Kenny Cracchiola
3rd Appio Fragoletti

Ted Petersen Youth Tournament @ Island Trees
1st Andrew Araneo  ·  Jacob Brockey  ·  Justin Crawford  ·  Ian Cucci  ·  Dominick Deon  ·  Sean Fitzsimmons  ·  Mark Matyka
2nd James Araneo  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Matt Crachiola  ·  Prather Cucci  ·  Troy Fiume  ·  Christian Simonetti
3rd Anthony Cucci  ·  Appio Fragoletti  ·  Thomas Intrabartola  ·  Anthony Meli
4th John Brockey

Locust Valley Folkstyle Challenge
1st Mike D'Angelo  ·  Sean Flick  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Preston Maucere

Farmingdale Spring Folkstyle Tournament
1st Brian Kelly
2nd Jonathan Spadafora
3rd James Spadafora

New Rochelle Spring Tournament
1st Brian Kelly
2nd Joe Byrne

War at the Shore, Wildwood, NJ
1st Adam Busiello
2nd Travis Passaro
3rd Chris Mauriello  ·  Dylan Ryder
4th Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Maverick Passaro
5th Ben Lamantia  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Dan Mauriello  ·  Nick Piccininni  ·  Jake Siverstein
6th John Busiello  ·  Garrett Gibbons  ·  Sean O'Hagan
Tournament Roundup
Great job by all RaZor Wrestlers! Congrats to Adam Busiello on being named tournament Outstanding Wrestler! Way to go Adam!

Brute Empire Nationals, Rochester, NY
1st Peter Pappas
4th Nicholas Munsch
6th Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Chase Liardi

MAWA , South Regional
1st Dylan Ryder

MAWA East Regional, Bethlehem PA
2nd Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello
3rd Ryan Burgbacher
4th James Matias  ·  James Szymanski
5th Evan Matias

Battle at the Corral
1st Connor Bennardo  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Chris Gomez  ·  James Matias  ·  Steven Milo  ·  Maverick Passaro  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Peter Celebucki  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Tyler Grimaldi  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Tae Kim  ·  Amiri Lake  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Matthew Milo  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Travis Passaro  ·  Jordan Wellington
3rd Luke Bokina  ·  Brian Fileccia  ·  Shane Gibbons  ·  Matthew Haag  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Ben Tepperman
4th Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Anthony Garcia  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Robert Rucco  ·  Jonathan Spadafora

Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA), Preliminary District Tournament, Willimantic CT
1st Ryan Burgbacher  ·  James Szymanski
2nd Evan Matias  ·  James Matias
4th Eddie Matyka  ·  Mark Matyka

NYS Youth Championships - Bantam
5th James Araneo

NYS Youth Championships - Schoolboy
1st Ben Lamantia
2nd Christian Araneo
3rd John Busiello  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Eddie Matyka
4th Thomas Cox  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  James Trezza
5th Joseph DeRosa  ·  James Matias  ·  James Szymanski

NYS Youth Championships - Intermediate
1st Garrett Gibbons
2nd Evan Matias
3rd Gavin Henrikson  ·  Angelo Petrakis  ·  Jordan Wellington
4th Ryan Burgbacher

NYS Youth Championships - Novice
1st Adam Busiello  ·  James Hoeg  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd Preston Maucere  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder
3rd Luke Bokina  ·  Nicholas Munsch
4th Brian Feeney  ·  Matthew Mustakis
5th David Miele  ·  Anthony Sobotker
6th Jack Bokina  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Marquez Rhodes

Suffolk County Bantam Championships
2nd James Araneo  ·  Mickey Brown
5th Jackson Hulse
Tournament Roundup
What great job by our little men...look out competition in the States. Both James Araneo and Mickey Brown wrestled in the finals where they came up just a bit short and both finished 2nd. Jackson Hulse ran into some tough competition and wound up in 5th place. Jackson will surely be hungry for the states.

Suffolk County Schoolboy Championships
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  James Szymanski  ·  James Trezza
2nd John Busiello  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  James Matias  ·  Eddie Matyka
3rd Jesse Della Vecchia
4th Thomas Cox
5th Joseph DeRosa
6th Sean Miller
Tournament Roundup
The 70 lb. weight class had only 5 wrestlers filling a Round Robin Bracket, but what a bracket it was filled with talent at every spot. It was won by avery tough Nicholas Pagnotta. Brian Kelly took 2nd, Thomas Cox took 4th and Joey DeRosa came in 5th. At 77 lbs., a very under the weather James Trezza stayed strong enough to capture the title over his very tough teammate Matteo DeVincenzo. At 84 lbs., Eddie Matyka had a tremendous tournament beating the longtime dominant Brett Brice from Longwood in the semis before coming up short to the very tough and talented and schoolboy OW, CJ Archer, in the Finals. At 91 lbs., fourth seed James Szymanski had an incredible tournament beating three straight tough RaZor opponents including a great match against the very tough John Busiello in the Final. At 98 lbs., Ben Lamantia had a strong performance winning in dominant fanshion. At 112 lbs., James Matias had a great tournament before coming up just a bit short in the Finals for his 2nd place finish. At 152 lbs., Christian Araneo captured what seems as his 1,000th County Title in dominant fanshion.

Suffolk County Intermediate Championships
1st Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Jordan Wellington
2nd Evan Matias
3rd Anthony D'Elia  ·  Jonathan Spadafora
4th Ricky D'Elia
5th Sean Flick
Tournament Roundup
Our Intermediate Division was led off at 50 lbs. by Anthony D'Elia who came in 3rd. At 55 lbs., Jordan Wellington took home the Championship and the Intermediate Oustanding Wrestler award. Jordan beat Evan Matias in the finals. Ricky D'Elia and Sean Flick also medaled at 4th and 5th place. The 65 lb. Champion was Sean Carter and Jonathan Spadafora wrestled his way to 3rd place. A tremendous tournament was had by our 75 lb. Champion, Ryan Burgbacher.

Suffolk County Novice Championships
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  David Miele  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Dylan Uvena
3rd Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Mark Matyka
4th Ryan Condon  ·  Philip Spadafora
5th Justin Seay
6th Marquez Rhodes
Tournament Roundup
At 60lbs., the very tough Preton Maucere took the top step of the podium by beating Sean Feeney in the finals. Brian Feeney took 5th. The 65 lb. division was won by Ben Tepperman after a tough battle with the gritty Dylan Ryder. Rounding our the weight class for RaZor was Mark Matyka who took 3rd. The heavily packed 70 lb. weight class was dominated by the Novice Outstanding Wrestler award winning Adam Busiello. Adam beat Dylan Uvena in the finals. Justice Carter took 3rd and Justin Seay came in 6th. Another dominant performance was at 75 lb.s by the champion, Jake Silverstein, who battled Thomas Hoeg in the finals for the win. We had another RaZor Champion at 80 lbs., after a great win in the finals by David Miele. Marquez Rhodes came in 6th. The train kept on rolling at 85 lbs. with our Champion, Nicholas Munsch. Our 7th straight Tournament Winner came at 90 lbs after the 1-0 victory in the finals by Anthony Sobotker. A great tournament was also had by Philip Spadafora who finished 4th. At 95 lbs., Christopher Gomez lost to the very tough Zachery Ancewicz and finished 2nd. Jonathan Faulkner and Ryan Condon did a great job with their 3rd and 4th place finishes. The 105 lb. division was won by James Hoeg and Sebastian Darmiento came in 2nd.

Nassau Youth Couty Championships
1st Garrett Gibbons  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Angelo Petrakis
2nd Shane Gibbons

Section 8 Youth Counties
1st Matthew Mustakis  ·  Peter Pappas

RaZor Round Robin
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Adam Busiello (Novice)  ·  Sean Carey  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  Chris Gomez  ·  Gavin Henrikson  ·  Jackson Hulse  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Tommy Kenny  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Philip Spadafora  ·  Ben Tepperman  ·  James Trezza
2nd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Anthony D'Elia  ·  Ian Dean  ·  Thomas Intrabartola  ·  Danny Uvena
3rd Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Sean Flick  ·  Mark Gellar  ·  Dylan Hans  ·  Joseph Impostato  ·  John Lepak  ·  James Spadafora  ·  Dylan Uvena

Islip Youth Wrestling Tournament
1st Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Chris Gomez  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Jonathan Spadafora  ·  Philip Spadafora  ·  Danny Uvena
2nd Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Dylan Uvena
3rd Mark Gellar  ·  James Spadafora

Kathy Wagner Tournament at ESM
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina
2nd Dylan Hans

Lacey Mat Cat
1st Garrett Gibbons
2nd Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Angelo Petrakis
3rd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Shane Gibbons  ·  Jordan Wellington

Brute Northeast National
1st Adam Busiello
2nd Jake Siverstein
3rd Eddie Matyka
5th Dylan Ryder  ·  Ben Tepperman

Buena Braves Tournament
1st Garrett Gibbons  ·  Shane Gibbons  ·  Angelo Petrakis  ·  Jordan Wellington
2nd Ryan Burgbacher

Lindenhust Youth Tournament
1st Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Evan Matias

Schoharie Youth Tournament
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  James Trezza
2nd Thomas Cox  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Nicholas Munsch
3rd Mark Matyka
Tournament Roundup
RaZor took home the 1st Place Team Trophy with 5 Champions,and 4 runner-ups. Dylan Ryder, Adam busiello and Ed Matyka dominated their opponents enroute to their 1st place finish. James Trezza, wrestling in his first tournament since last years state tournament, dominated his opponents while finishing undefeated on the day. Preston Maucere also took 1st place going undefeated and only gave up one point all Day! Thomas Cox took second losing a close 2 point match to last years state champion. Nicholas Munsch, Joe DeRosa and Matteo DeVincenzo also took 2nd losing close matches. Mark Matyka took 3rd in a very competitive bracket. RaZor Finished First ahead on Finger Lakes and Journeymen Wrestling Clubs. Well Done!

Island Trees Jr. Ted Peterson Tournament
1st Luke Bokina
2nd Jack Bokina
3rd Ryan Burgbacher

Holiday Fest, OTC qualifier, Kittatiny, NJ
1st Brian Kelly  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd Thomas Cox  ·  Peter Pappas
6th Nicholas Forte

1st Thomas Cox  ·  Eddie Matyka
2nd Mark Matyka

Golden Bear Wrestling Tournament, Kenilwerth NJ
2nd Ryan Burgbacher

Sharkfest, Southington CT
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Thomas Hoeg  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Angelo Petrakis
2nd Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo

Pinelands JR/WC Tournament
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina

Connetquot Holiday Tournament
1st James Araneo  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Mickey Brown  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Mark Gellar  ·  Chris Gomez  ·  Jackson Hulse  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Ben Tepperman  ·  Jordan Wellington
2nd Christian Araneo  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  John Donahue  ·  Thomas Hoeg  ·  Justin Seay
3rd Brian Kelly
4th Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Sean Carey  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  John Lepak
5th Seamua Brown  ·  Thomas Intrabartola
Tournament Roundup
That is a nice showing!

Don Bosco Prep Ironmen Classic
1st Peter Pappas
2nd Thomas Cox
4th Nicholas Munsch
Tournament Roundup
Great Job Peter, Thomas and Nicholas!

Blue Wave Ice Breaker
1st Andrew Ashmawi  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Angelo Petrakis  ·  Danny Uvena  ·  Dylan Uvena
2nd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  John Donahue  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Justin Seay
3rd Sean Feeney  ·  Anthony Lamonte
4th Ryan Condon  ·  Mark Gellar
Tournament Roundup
Congradulations to all our wrestlers who competed and wrestled well in the first tournament of the season.

Quakertown PA Youth Wrestling Tournament
1st Jake Siverstein
Tournament Roundup
Great job Jake!

Voorhees Turkey Day Tournament
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Jake Siverstein
2nd Ben Tepperman
3rd Nicholas Munsch  ·  Dylan Ryder
4th Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Justin Seay
Tournament Roundup
The RaZor Bus rolled to Glen Gardner NJ for the Voorhees Turkey Day Tournament. Great job by all those who attended.

O'Town Showdown, USAW Middle school Division
3rd Thomas Cox
Tournament Roundup
Great job Thomas Cox in placing third at the O'Town Showdown in Orlando FLa. This tournament attracted many top wrestlers from all over the country. Thomas lost to the eventual champion and came back to place third. Great Job!

Super 32, Greensboro NC
3rd Adam Busiello
Tournament Roundup
Great Job by Adam Busiello wrestling some of the best competition. After dropping a close early round match, Adam wrestled all the way back to 3rd place, well Done!

CJA Club Duals
Tournament Roundup
RaZor traveled to N.J. to compete in the CJA Club duals and came away with a runner up finish. RaZor Defeated Iowa Style, CJA Black, and CJA Silver. The one loss was to a very strong Apex team. Congradulations to all Razor wrestlers on a strong showing!

Standridge Academy Tournament
1st Joseph DeRosa
2nd Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas

Jax Jag Summer Great 8 # 9
1st Nicholas Munsch  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Peter Pappas

Supreme Summer Sizzler
1st Joseph DeRosa  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Maverick Passaro  ·  Dylan Ryder
3rd Brandon Aviles  ·  Devin Aviles  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Travis Passaro

Ram Tough Great 8 # 8
2nd Dylan Ryder
3rd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Eric Maldonado
4th Donny Donnelly

Lions Den Great 8 # 7
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Peter Pappas
3rd Eric Maldonado

Pemberton Showdown Great 8 # 6
1st Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Luke Bokina  ·  Joseph DeRosa
3rd Jack Bokina
4th Eric Maldonado

Mustang Stampede. Great 8 #5
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Eric Maldonado  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Peter Pappas
3rd Luke Bokina
4th Joseph DeRosa

Escape from the Pit. Great 8 #4
1st Adam Busiello
2nd John Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Matt Kelly  ·  Dylan Ryder
3rd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Eric Maldonado
4th Brian Kelly

The Viking Sack, Great 8 #3
2nd Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Nicholas Munsch

Nashaminy Knockout, Great 8 #2
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Matt Kelly
2nd John Busiello  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Dylan Ryder
Tournament Roundup
Great Job to all RaZor Wrestlers who traveled to NJ for the Nashaminy Knockout.

Neshaminy Knockout, Great 8 # 2
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Matt Kelly
2nd John Busiello  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Dylan Ryder

Midnight Madness
1st Zachary Ancewicz  ·  John Arceri  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  David DellaVecchia  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Ben Lamantia  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Brandon Wellington  ·  Jordan Wellington
3rd Nicholas Garone  ·  Nicholas Munsch
Tournament Roundup
The RaZor Wrestling Club bus rolled to Midnight Madness in Holmdel NJ thursday night. RaZor had seven champions, four second places and two thirds. A great time was had by all!

Locust Valley Spring Folkstyle Tournament
1st Zachary Ancewicz  ·  John Arceri  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  TJ Fabian  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Mark Matyka
2nd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  John Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Brendan Dent  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder
3rd Brian Kelly  ·  Jimmy Leach (High School)
4th Anthony Grippe  ·  Cody Levine

Jefferson Township Falcons Spring Fling (Great 8)
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd John Busiello

New York Kids Greco Roman Championships at Bay Shore
1st Peter Pappas  ·  Travis Passaro  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Thomas Cox  ·  Donny Donnelly
3rd Jack Bokina  ·  Joseph Dipalma

New York State Kids Freestyle Championships at Bay Shore
1st John Arceri  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Travis Passaro  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Luke Bokina  ·  John Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  John Dipalma  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Jimmy Leach
3rd Jack Bokina  ·  Joseph Dipalma  ·  Nicholas Forte
4th Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Donny Donnelly

MAWA Eastern Nationals at Salisbury, MD
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Chris Mauriello
3rd Dan Mauriello
4th John Busiello
7th Dylan Ryder

Ohio Tournament of Champions at Columbus, OH
2nd Jake Siverstein
4th Christian Araneo
5th Adam Busiello
7th Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Eddie Matyka
Tournament Roundup
Great job by our elementary school wrestlers taking 3rd place as a team in the individual competition.

MAWA Southern Regional Championships at Salisbury, MD
1st Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Chris Mauriello
3rd Dan Mauriello
4th Dylan Ryder

War at the Shore, NJ
2nd Ryan Burgbacher
3rd Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Travis Passaro
4th Christian Araneo  ·  Chris Beal  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Gino Titone
6th CJ Archer  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Nicholas Garone  ·  Matthew Haag  ·  Doug Iadanza  ·  Maverick Passaro  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Anthony Sobotker
7th Brandon Aviles  ·  John Busiello  ·  David DellaVecchia  ·  CJ Labate  ·  Nick LoBue  ·  Sean Miller  ·  Dylan Ryder

LI Schoolboy Championships
1st Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Gino Titone
2nd Nicholas Garone  ·  Doug Iadanza  ·  Daniel Murray

MAWA South Region District Washington Township HS, NJ
1st Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Donny Donnelly

NY State Championships- Bantam
2nd Evan Matias

NY State Championships- Schoolboy
2nd Mike D'Angelo
3rd Eddie Matyka  ·  Travis Passaro
4th James Matias
5th Sean O'Hagan
6th Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Jimmy Leach

NY State Championships- Intermediate
1st Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Jake Siverstein
2nd Dylan Ryder  ·  Anthony Sobotker
4th Jack Bokina  ·  Mark Matyka
5th Preston Maucere  ·  Justin Seay
6th Ricky D'Elia

NY State Championships- Novice
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd CJ Archer  ·  John Busiello  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  James Trezza
4th James Hoeg
5th Matteo DeVincenzo

Suffolk County Championships
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Mike D'Angelo  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Amiri Lake  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Jake Siverstein  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Gino Titone  ·  James Trezza
2nd CJ Archer  ·  Brandon Aviles  ·  Anthony D'Elia  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  David Miele  ·  Travis Passaro  ·  James Szymanski  ·  Jack Taddeo
3rd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Sean Miller  ·  Sean O'Hagan
4th Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  John Lepak  ·  Justin Seay
5th Thomas Cox  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Nicholas Garone  ·  Nicholas Munsch
6th Jackie Gold  ·  Jonathan Lamantia  ·  James Matias  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Jack Truncale
Tournament Roundup
What an incredible tournament for the RaZor Wrestling Club. We had 49 of our boys qualify for the States. We had 16 Champs and 13 Runner-Ups! It was a great weekend for all and we look forward to continuing our success at the States!
The Coaching staff would like to congradulate all of our wrestlers who represented themselves and our club at the Suffolk County Youth Championships. We would like to highlight a few noteworthy performances. James Matias lost his 1st match and wrestles back hard for 6th place, wrestling 7 matches. Sean Miller lost his 1st match and wrestled back to 3rd place. Jack Truncale lost his 1st match and wrestled 5 matches to earn 6th place in a very tough weight class. Justin Seay wrestled 6 matches to place 4th. Nicholas Forte wrestled 6 matches to place 4th and Kyle Gallagher wrestled 6 matches to place 5th. A special congradulations goes out to all of our champions and place finishers, well done and good luck at the states!

Lacey Mat Cat Pre State Tournament
1st CJ Archer  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta
2nd Jack Bokina  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Donny Donnelly
3rd Jackie Gold  ·  John Lepak  ·  Preston Maucere

RaZor Round Robin
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Sean Carter  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Michael Gallucci  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Evan Matias  ·  James Matias  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Sean Miller  ·  Eddie Munoz  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Justin Seay  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Gino Titone
2nd James Araneo  ·  Brennan Beatrice  ·  John Busiello  ·  Justice Carter  ·  Mike D'Angelo  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Nicholas Garone  ·  Jackie Gold  ·  Thomas Intrabartola  ·  John Lepak  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Anthony(Intermediate) Sobotker  ·  James Szymanski  ·  Ben Tepperman  ·  James Trezza
3rd Mickey Brown  ·  Seamua Brown  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Matthew Fabian  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  Anthony Gallo  ·  Jonathan Lamantia  ·  Anthony Lucia  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Matthew Milo  ·  Dominic Mistretta  ·  Andrew Passaro  ·  Jason Passaro  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Andrew Seifert  ·  Tanner Zagarino
4th Andrew Araneo  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Alex Seifert

Sachem East Youth
1st CJ Archer  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  John Busiello  ·  Anthony D'Elia  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Cameron Gentz  ·  Evan Matias  ·  David Miele  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Justin Seay  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Joseph Touhamy
2nd Luke Bokina  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Jackie Gold  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  James Trezza
3rd Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Chris Gomez  ·  Thomas Intrabartola  ·  John Lepak  ·  Matthew Touhamy
4th Thomas Cox  ·  Peter Pappas

Northeast Nationals Wrestling Championships at York, PA
3rd Gino Titone
4th Christian Araneo  ·  Ben Lamantia
6th Jesse Della Vecchia

Islip Youth Tournament
1st Christian Araneo (Schoolboy)  ·  Mike D'Angelo  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Donald McAuliff  ·  David Miele  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Justin Seay  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Jack Taddeo  ·  Joseph Touhamy  ·  Matthew Touhamy  ·  James Trezza
2nd James Araneo  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Nicholas Garone  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Chris McAuliff  ·  Sean Miller  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  James Szymanski  ·  Ethan Wierderkehr
3rd Andrew Araneo  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  John Lepak  ·  James Matias  ·  John McAuliff  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Andrew Seifert
4th Kyle Gallagher  ·  Alex Seifert

7th Annual Al Bevilacqua Massapequa Youth Tournament
1st Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Ryan Condon  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  James Hoeg  ·  David Miele  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  James Trezza
2nd Kenny Cracchiola  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Michael Parrish
3rd TJ BeeBe  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Justin Seay
4th Ryan Burgbacher
Tournament Roundup

Lacey Mat Cat Classic, Lanoka Harbor, NJ
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Anthony Lucia  ·  Matthew Milo  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  James Tepperman  ·  Gino Titone
2nd Christian Araneo  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Mike D'Angelo (Intermediate)  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Nicholas Garone  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Nicholas Munsch  ·  James Szymanski
3rd CJ Archer  ·  Brandon Aviles  ·  John Busiello  ·  Mike D'Angelo (Junior)  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Eddie Munoz  ·  Ben Tepperman
4th Hassan Harris  ·  Matthew Touhamy

Nutley, NJ Open Tournament
1st Mike D'Angelo (Intermediate)  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  James Hoeg  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Ben Tepperman
2nd CJ Archer  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Mike D'Angelo (Junior)  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Matthew Milo
3rd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Anthony Lucia  ·  Nicholas Munsch
4th Brandon Aviles  ·  John Busiello  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Thomas Hoeg  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Justin Seay

Roxbury Rumble Succasunna, NJ
1st Mike D'Angelo  ·  Anthony Lucia  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta  ·  Jake Siverstein
3rd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Matthew Milo

Walt Whitman Wildcats Tournament
1st Christian Araneo (Novice)  ·  CJ Archer  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  John Busiello  ·  Adam Busiello (Midget)  ·  Adam Busiello (Novice)  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Preston Maucere  ·  Eddie Munoz  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Anthony Sparacio  ·  James Szymanski  ·  James Trezza
2nd Christian Araneo (Schoolboy)  ·  Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Anthony D'Elia  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Hassan Harris  ·  David Keith  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  James Matias  ·  Mark Matyka  ·  Michael Parrish
3rd James Araneo  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Peter DiGennaro  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  Jackie Gold  ·  Jonathan Lamantia  ·  Joseph Touhamy  ·  Matthew Touhamy
4th Andrew Araneo  ·  Ryan Condon  ·  Andrew McKenna
5th Kenny Cracchiola

2nd Annual "Ice Breaker Youth Open" at John Glenn HS
1st Christian Araneo (Novice)  ·  Jack Bokina  ·  Luke Bokina  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  Thomas Cox  ·  Sebastian Darmiento  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  Jonathan Faulkner  ·  Sean Feeney  ·  Nicholas Forte  ·  Kyle Gallagher  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Ben Lamantia  ·  Sean O'Hagan  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta  ·  Peter Pappas  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  James Szymanski
2nd Christian Araneo (Schoolboy)  ·  Brandon Aviles  ·  Anthony Lucia  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Michael Parrish  ·  Anthony Sparacio  ·  Ben Tepperman
3rd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  John Busiello  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Brian Feeney  ·  Matthew Milo  ·  Anthony Sobotker
4th Thomas Intrabartola
Tournament Roundup
What an incredible tournament for our entire club. We had 20 Champions out of 34 entries with an overall record of 78-22! Outstanding job by everyone!

Shane Leister Memorial Touranment at Quakertown, PA
1st Mike D'Angelo
2nd Jake Siverstein

Voorhees Turkey Day Tournament at Glen Gardner, NJ
1st Adam Busiello
2nd Luke Bokina  ·  John Busiello  ·  Mike D'Angelo
3rd Jack Bokina  ·  Jesse Della Vecchia
4th Joseph DeRosa
Tournament Roundup
Coach Matt Sganga said that the boys from RaZor did very well in this NJ tournament. He said that Adam Busiello celebrated his birthday with an awesome display of tenacious wrestling while winning the tourney!

Metropolitan Tournament of Champions at Msgr. Farrell Results
4th Joe Byrne

Roger W. Crebs Teamlyco.com robin
1st CJ Labate

Nutmeg Series Stamford, CT
1st Donny Donnelly
2nd Travis Passaro
3rd Mike D'Angelo  ·  Joseph DeRosa  ·  Sam Lundsten
4th CJ Labate  ·  Aaron Lundsten

Nutmeg Series Danbury, CT
1st Travis Passaro (Middle School)  ·  Gino Titone (High School)  ·  Gino Titone (Middle School)
2nd Mike D'Angelo  ·  Jimmy Leach  ·  Travis Passaro (High School)
3rd Joseph DeRosa  ·  Ryan Harding
4th Fumnanya Agbinson  ·  CJ Labate

23rd Annual Warren County Farmers Fair, Phillipsburg, NJ
1st Adam Busiello  ·  Donny Donnelly

The Beach Brawl VIII, Great 8 #6, Long Branch, NJ
1st Marquez Rhodes  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Brian Kelly
3rd Matt Kelly  ·  Anthony Sobotker

5th Annual Summer Sting Classic, Great 8 #5, Holmdel, NJ
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Anthony Sobotker
3rd Thomas Cox  ·  Dylan Ryder
4th Donny Donnelly  ·  Marquez Rhodes

Asbury Park Wrestling Festival, NJ
1st Brian Kelly  ·  Matt Kelly  ·  Travis Passaro  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Anthony Sobotker
3rd Maverick Passaro
4th Marquez Rhodes

Beach Bash, Great 8 #4, Long Branch, NJ
1st Brian Kelly  ·  Matt Kelly
2nd Christian Araneo  ·  Mark Milo
3rd Steven Della Vecchia  ·  Marquez Rhodes
4th Dylan Ryder

Mustang Mania, Great 8 #3, Brick, NJ
1st Brian Kelly  ·  CJ Labate  ·  Travis Passaro
3rd Maverick Passaro

Locust Valley Folkstyle Summer Challenge
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Freddie Dunau  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Eddie Matyka  ·  Dylan Ryder
2nd Jesse Della Vecchia  ·  Ryan Harding  ·  Gino Titone
3rd Matt Kelly
4th Tristen DeVincenzo

Northeast Freestyle Championships at Binghamton
3rd Brian Kelly
4th CJ Labate
5th Donny Donnelly

NY Kids Freestyle State Championships
2nd Brian Kelly
3rd CJ Labate  ·  Jared Zenie
4th Matthew Haag  ·  Travis Passaro
5th Donny Donnelly

NY Kids State Greco Championships
1st Jared Zenie
2nd CJ Labate

NY Cadet/Jr State Freestyle Championship
5th Patrick Thomas

2009 MAWA Eastern Nationals
5th Anthony Lucia
6th Nicholas Pagnotta

Ohio Tournament of Champions
4th Christian Araneo
6th Nicholas Pagnotta
Tournament Roundup
Congratulations to Christian and Nicholas who both placed in this grueling tournament. Early Saturday evening, they were wrestling what seemed every 15 minutes as they advanced to their place finishes! Great job! Congrats to the other RaZor entries who represented well! Although Adam Busiello, Donny Donnelly, Travis and Maverick Passaro didn't place, they proved they could hang with the best of them!

Knight Fight Tournament Robbinsville, NJ
3rd Travis Passaro

Brandon Tournament, FL
2nd Anthony Sparacio

War at the Shore, NJ
1st Anthony Sobotker
2nd Christian Araneo
3rd Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello
4th CJ Labate  ·  Eddie Matyka
6th Casey O'Malley
7th CJ Archer  ·  Eddie Munoz  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta  ·  Travis Passaro
Tournament Roundup
Congratulations to all the RaZor Place Winners! We have to give a special acknowledgement to a hard working kid who is always smiling, Anthony Sobotker, who wrestled incredibly well to capture the championship! It was awesome to watch him hold the trophy that was nearly as big as him for hours after he won. Chritian Araneo took 2nd place two years in row! He used his short offense all tournament long and scored many takedowns! The Busiello boys were very impressive throughout the entire tournament. Congrats to the both of them for their 3rd place finishes! Congrats to rest of our place finishers on a job well done and congrats to all of you who entered this very competitive tournament!

Lightning Bolt Classic at Washington, NJ
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  CJ Labate
3rd TJ Fabian  ·  Mark Milo
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to the our small traveling group who went to New Jersey this past weekend. As usual, RaZor was represented well by all of our wrestlers.

East Hampton Tournament
1st Christian Araneo  ·  Adam Busiello  ·  John Busiello  ·  Donny Donnelly  ·  TJ Fabian
2nd Matthew Atwater  ·  Dylan Ryder  ·  Luke Spagnola
3rd Jake Weizenecker
4th Hassan Harris  ·  Marquez Rhodes  ·  Gino Titone

MAWA East Regionals at Bethlehem, PA
3rd Anthony Lucia  ·  Nicholas Pagnotta
Tournament Roundup
Congratulations to Anthony and Nicholas for their 3rd Place finishes at the MAWA East Regionals this past weekend. Anthony showed what perseverance was all about. He battled back to 3rd by beating the same kid who beat him in the opening round... He never quit and the results showed... After a close tough loss in the semi's, Nicholas went on to win two more close matches to place 3rd... The boys will join the top 16 at the Nationals in Maryland on May 2 & 3...Good luck Anthony and Nicholas!

MAWA Preliminary at Quakertown, PA
1st Anthony Lucia
2nd Nicholas Pagnotta
4th Mark Matyka

NYC Cadet & Junior Freestyle Qualifier
1st Maverick Passaro
2nd Joseph Evangelista

Junior High at Longwood
3rd Daniel Murray  ·  Gino Titone
5th Doug Taylor
Tournament Roundup
All three Razor wrestlers wrestled tough. Daniel Murray was called for a defensive pin but then came back and finished 3rd. Gino Titone and Doug Taylor squared off in the first round. Gino went on to take 3rd and Doug finished 5th.

LI Schoolboy Championships
2nd Donny Donnelly  ·  Maleik Henry  ·  Mark Milo  ·  Travis Passaro
3rd CJ Labate
4th Jimmy Leach
Tournament Roundup
Congrats to all our LI Schoolboy Championships wrestlers. All 6 who entered placed in this well run tournament. Mark Milo wrestled extremely well all day long. Great Job! We also have to give kudos to our new strong man, Maleik Henry, as he pinned two today and then lost a nail biter in the finals by the score 8-7. Travis Passaro looked great and then hit the 4X State Champion, Mark West, and placed 2nd. Donny looked great his 1st two matches and then hit a strong man in Doria and got slammed. He attempted to finish the match, but could not and settled for 2nd. CJ Labate came up a point shy to Cooksey, his nemisis and a State Champion, but came back strong for 3rd. Jimmy Leach lost his 1st match and then wrestled very well in his next four matches to take 4th.

MAWA Preliminary at River Hill, MD
1st Adam Busiello
4th John Busiello

Mary Ann Lange at Longwood
1st Hassan Harris  ·  Brian Kelly  ·  Evan Matias  ·  Anthony Sobotker  ·  Anthony Sparacio  ·  Jared Zenie
2nd Ryan Burgbacher  ·  Anthony D'Elia  ·  Ricky D'Elia  ·  Matteo DeVincenzo  ·  Tristen DeVincenzo  ·  Dylan Ryder
3rd James Matias
4th Matthew Atwater  ·  David Miele  ·  Kenny Wilson